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To preserve the real natural environment, the cultural relics and the local customs of Tibet,

In addition to Tibetan, there are many more otherlanguages in Tibet. Actually,tibet some places in Tibet, many local people can speak more than one language. Besides Tibetan, they also know Mandarin, English, or Nepali. There is not too much difficulty for tourists to understand them or to be understood.s

Todays, communication in Tibet is much more developed than before. Tibet is no longer shut out from the outside world as it was several years ago. The development of communication provides great convenience to travelers in Tibet.

In Tibet, foreign currency can not be used directly and can be exchanged only in big cities either at the Bank of China or some large hotels. Passports are required to exchange currency.

What to Buy
A few souvenirs will surely make your Tibet trip much more memorable. Here are some recommendations of what to buy.

Tibet is a photographer's paradise. Attracted by fantastic snow-covered peaks in the morning sunlight, surging rivers in deep valleys, peaceful yaks grazing on the vast pasture, the culture of ancient festivals, the exotic ethnic customs and the unique religious life, photographers from every corner of the world arrive in Tibet, eagerly raising their cameras to record Tibet themselves.

What to Pack
Due to its unique geographic and climatic features, we have to pack many things before we leave for Tibet. However, it is impractical to take too much baggage as it will weaken us on the plateau. What to pack then becomes an important issue.

Mountain Sickness
Located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Tibet has an average elevation of over 4,000 meters (around 13,123 feet). While allured by its mysterious beauty, tourists are frightened off by mountain sickness.

When to Go
Actually, the best time to visit Tibet depends on many factors and it varies with different regions. Generally speaking, the golden season is autumn when the weather is pleasant and several Tibetan traditional festivals are also celebrated in this season.

Health Concerns
Extremely high elevations such as those encountered on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau may present unique problems to people who are not accustomed to these high altitudes.

Food & Drink
The special geographic features of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau nurture the flavorful Tibetan cuisine. However, it is also largely influenced by the flavors of Indian cuisine, Nepali cuisine, and other cuisines in China. These flavors mix together, making Tibetan food exquisite. While admiring the fascinating scenery of Tibet, seize the chance to have a taste of Tibetan food.

With the continuous efforts of Tibetan people and the financial and material help of other Chinese people, conditions of health facilities in Tibet have considerably improved in recent years.

Useful Numbers
Here offers the telephone numbers for emergency, weather broadcast and transportation. Also the area codes for major cities are included.

Traveling to 'Roof of the World' is no longer just a dream. With their center in Lhasa, the road line networks of Sichuan-Tibet Highway, Qinghai-Tibet Highway, Yunnan-Tibet Highway, Xinjiang-Tibet Highway and Sino-Nepal Highway connect all these neighbors with each other. It has also become possible to reach Tibet by railway or airplane.


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